Monday, January 31, 2011

I Has Blog? + Oscar talk

Oh hi blog! I actually sorta forgot you existed! But don't take it personally! Now that the musical is all done with, I might have some minimal time to spend on you!

Anyways back to the point. I love movies, and thus I love the Oscars! However stupid the Academy sometimes is, I still get excited over it. I try to make it a point to see all of the Best Picture nominees every year, just so that I'm well informed*. I've seen 8 so far, and will have seen them all by the time the awards come around.

So here's my plan: I will review each Best Picture nominee in the days before the awards, and hopefully I can come to some sort of conclusion. I will also post my picks for the rest of the categories the day before, as I'm in an Oscar pool, and you people keep me honest :)

Well that's all for this midnight ramble. Check back here soon! Hopefully I can bug you all with my strange opinions! I might even make a cool picture!

Good night, Substitutinites!

P.S. ugh. that was bad. I'll come up with a better name for you, don't worry

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